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1st January 1970

Final Paper Submission

Registration Deadline

Conference Date

1st - 1st January 1970,

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Grasp Conference Responsibilities and Committee Roles: Understand the conference's tasks and the duties of the respective committees. Execute the program module and scientific agenda.
  • Spotlight Renowned Research Experts: Seek out distinguished experts in the research field to participate in the conference, thereby leveraging organizational services and advantages.
  • Harmonize with Program Strategy and Engage Keynote Speakers: Ensure alignment with program objectives and themes. Initiate contact with keynote speakers and the Guest of Honor, securing their commitment to the event's date and topic.
  • Develop Conference Presentation Plans and Promote Interaction: Create comprehensive plans for conference presentations and promote interactive sessions. Introduce speakers or facilitators during the conference.
  • Select Exceptional Keynote Speaker: Identify the preeminent keynote speaker in the specific field of expertise.
  • Supervise Conference Tasks and Meet Deadlines: Oversee conference tasks and related activities, with a strong emphasis on adhering to established deadlines as per the conference schedule.
  • Collaborate on Publicity with the Project Manager: Work closely with the Project Manager to manage and thoroughly assess all forms of publicity, including social media, websites, flyers, notifications, announcements, posters, and more, ensuring absolute consistency.
  • Spotlight Local Researchers and Enable Participation: Identify noteworthy researchers in the geographic region and facilitate their involvement in the conference, granting them access to the organization's services and benefits.

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