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1st January 1970

Final Paper Submission

Registration Deadline

Conference Date

1st - 1st January 1970,

Conference Program

Here's a detailed schedule of the conference program.

Registration Process

All participants invited to attend the conference must follow the registration process. Participants will sign in at the venue, register, and collect the conference materials. All this will be at the entrance of the platform.

Opening Ceremony

The registration process will be followed by the opening ceremony, which appreciates the participants' presence. Then, the conference chair, keynote speakers, and other guests will deliver speeches. Finally, a photo session and welcoming note will create a healthy discussion atmosphere.

Presentations, Questions, Answers, and More

Participants will have information about the designated rooms according to the topics. Then, they are requested to reach the rooms and submit their presentation as a ppt/pdf to the concerned organisers so they can copy it to their laptops.

After that, there will be discussions, presentations, and questions and answers. Poster/Video presentations may follow the above session. Also, educational visits and many conversations will benefit the concerned individuals and the field.

Conference Meals

Once all the presentations are finished, there will be a conference meal, lunch, or dinner, welcoming discussions, awards, certificates, and recognitions. You can engage with participants, speakers, and experts to explore new opportunities and healthy feedback.

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