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1st January 1970

Final Paper Submission

Registration Deadline

Conference Date

1st - 1st January 1970,

Registration Details

You're requested to understand and follow the registration details thoroughly:


Categories Pre-Enrollment

Till 1st January 1970

Standard Participation

Till 1st January 1970

Physical (Onsite) Presentation USD 289 USD 319
Physical (Onsite) Presentation with Scopus Publication USD 479 USD 519
Physical (Onsite) Presentation with Q2 Scopus Publication USD 1400 USD 1700
In-Person Attendance (Listener) USD 174 USD 199
Online Presentation USD 164 USD 189
Online Presentation with Scopus Publication USD 419 USD 459
Online Presentation with Q2 Scopus Publication USD 1200 USD 1450
Virtual Attendance (Listener) USD 105 USD 115

Register Online

Step 1:Registration

At least one author of each accepted paper must be registered for the conference for that paper to appear in the proceedings and be scheduled for presentation. Participating members may register as per the following charges:

Step 2: Mail Bank Statement

Once you have transfered the registration fees mail the screen shot of online transaction to info@iser.org.in (With your complete registration details)

Step 3: Camera Ready Paper submission

Submit Camera ready paper as per the guidelines.


The registration forms must include the payments. We want to inform you that your registration will not be guaranteed until we have successfully received the payments

Note: The organiser will not deal with service charges associated with the bank transfer.

Payment Receipt

You can use online payment methods for initiating the payments. Once you're done with payment, please fill out the registration form and send it to info@iser.org.in

However, if you want it beforehand, we can send the scanned copy or post you the hard copy. ( You have to pay for the postal charges)


  • In case of unforeseen issues related to COVID-19, ISER also accepts online/video presentations
  • Student rate is available and only exclusive to the author(s) of a paper whose first author and presenter are a student and carrying valid students card(s)
  • If your paper exceeds six pages, additional charges will be applicable
  • One successful registration is for a single paper. You can pay extra charges for other papers from the same author.
  • An accompanying person should pay a listener's registration fee.

Cancellation Policy

The registration process must be performed and completed before the conference. However, for some reason, if you're unable to attend the conference, you can't contact the co-authors to participate or our committee for some arrangements.

Personal Reasons

ISER will not refund the amount if you cannot attend the conference due to "Personal Reasons." It may include VISA issues, travel problems, health, etc.

Force Majeure

ISER is not responsible for a refund for any settlement if the conference cancels due to "force majeure." The incidents of "force majeure" are unpredictable and unforeseen to avoid. The situation may include floods, earthquakes, explosions, fire, storms, riots, nuclear disasters, war, terrorist disturbances, epidemics, and conditions out of the organisers' control. Therefore, the organisers are not accountable if any unpredictable scenario like this occurs.

Conference Date and Place Statement

The organisers of the events have the right to change the date and place of the conference in case of "force majeure" circumstances. The participants are requested to follow the new updates as it is in the best interest of the attendees, the conference, and the field.


During the entire conference, the participants are requested to wear the "conference name tag." Also, the participants are asked to refrain from bringing their associates or families to the conference area. However, if you wish for their company, you must ask the organiser for a proper name tag for them. Furthermore, take care of your personal belongings and conference material because it's your sole responsibility.

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