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1st January 1970

Final Paper Submission

Registration Deadline

Conference Date

1st - 1st January 1970,

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ISER is delighted to welcome you to the  (-) at , on 1st - 1st January 1970, . This event will bring leading scientists, academicians, industry professionals, speakers, and experts of to one platform. The informative discussions will highlight solutions, achievements, trending issues, and future strategies.

ISER constantly aims to present techniques, skills, and the latest information in various fields like science, technology, medical sciences, environment, education, business, banking, finance, languages, history, and much more. It helps participants to explore speaking opportunities, present their unique ideas and create significant connections. You can participate in the groundbreaking discussion, which welcomes active participation and benefits the field and humankind. So, enhance your personal and professional journey by attending the upcoming event.

Submission Guidelines

Please follow these submission guidelines for a smooth procedure related to proffering papers.



The official language of all the conferences and papers is English. Therefore, the paper must be written in English, which must be straightforward and free of grammatical errors

Our Review Process

All the successfully submitted papers will be assessed by the Program Chair, who will initiate the peer review process. Then, the Program Chair will designate at least two suitable technical committee members (Reviewers) with ample field knowledge. After a thorough review, the comments will be submitted to the Program Chair personnel, who will make the final decision about submitting the paper.

Finally, the conference secretary will inform the concerned authors about the decision. The papers which are not accepted will be sent back for revision, and those that pass the second review will be accepted.

Note: Please check your email regularly during the review process.

Academic Ethics

The submitted papers, abstracts, etc., must be original, unpublished work that is not considered for publication elsewhere. In addition, we request the academicians submit original, experimental, or theoretical work that follows the proper citation rules.

Following academic ethics is the foundation of any academic. Therefore, plagiarism will not be accepted and will lead to rejection. Some of the actions plagiarism may include are:

  • Rejection of the article or removal of the article from the final publications.
  • Reporting the issue to the concerned author's supervisor(s) and affiliated institution(s).
  • Reporting the case to the office of academic ethics and research funding agency.
  • A right to mention the author's name(s), the title of the article, the name(s) of the affiliated institution, and the details of misconduct, etc., of the plagiarist."

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