International Conference on Human Rights and Human Dignity

26th February 2023,
Bangalore, India

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Final Paper Submission

22nd February`2023

Registration Deadline

24th February`2023

Conference Date

26th February`2023

Call For Paper

•    Human rights
•    Substantive rights
•    Right to life
•    Freedom from torture
•    Freedom from slavery
•    Right to a fair trial
•    Freedom of speech
•    Freedom of thought, conscience and religion
•    Freedom of movement
•    History of human rights
•    Constitution of Medina (622)
•    Al-Risalah al-Huquq (659-713)
•    Magna Carta (1215)
•    the English Bill of Rights (1689)
•    the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (1789)
•    the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution (1791)
•    Philosophy of human rights
•    International protection and promotion
•    Universal Declaration of Human Rights
•    International treaties
•    Customary international law
•    International humanitarian law
•    Non-governmental actors
•    Human rights violations