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Institute for Scientific and Engineering Research (ISER) is internationally recognized globally operating multidisciplinary professional research and development association. The organizations was established in year 2010 with a vision to integrate researchers and academicians working in the micro disciplines of science and technology .ISER is a colonial of associations and societies from different developed and developing countries that identifies the challenges and provides solution toward the sustainable troubleshoot using science and technology. ISER provides scientific solutions to industries ,academics ,corporates, communities, organizations ,states, republics and countries to combat with challenges related to scientific advancement.

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ISER identifies and connects the trailblazers of science by providing a global platform for scientific and academic interaction in its worldwide scientific and professional events and conferences. The organization hosts development programs ,workshops and conferences in wide topics related to engineering, medicine, allied health ,science and technology. ISER associates with local bodies ,societies, institutes and universities to organize conferences in major developed and developing countries of world.


ISER encourages professionals to be a part of its community dedicated towards science and technology.We insist researchers and scientists to be a member or associate where they can enlight the scientific community with their academic and professional contributions.


Publication is a need for individuals and community. So ISER stands with its commitment for research article publication in its high standard , peer reviewed ,science indexed and globally cited journals. The institute releases journals, proceedings and periodicals that promotes and globalizes articles and research works of its authors in world platform. The publications by ISER and its sister organization are accessed and referred by global audience and authors with high citation rate.


(ICAMMT -24)

27 June 2024

Chicago , USA


07 August 2024

Montreal , Canada


16 October 2024

Dubai , UAE


21 June 2024

Luxembourg City , Luxembourg


13 December 2024

Cascais , Portugal


16 October 2024

Thimphu , Bhutan


05 December 2024

Milan , Italy

(ICTSAL -24)

17 June 2024

Antwerp , Belgium


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Some of our Past Conferences that have been successfully held by ISER (Institute for Science and Engineering Research) in the past 3 years.